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myriadis is based on inspiration challenge communities such as 20inspirations, inspired20in20, a_mused, and smashingart but for both graphics and writing (including mini-mixes).

→ At the beginning of each round, there will be an inspiration challenge post. It will consist of images, words, music, and videos. There will also be a general overarching theme that will inform the inspirations and the subsequent submissions.

→ Like a 20in20, you have 20 days to submit your entry. Unlike a 20in20, you don't need to make 20 separate pieces, but rather 20 points worth (at least) of graphics and writing. As this is a ~multi-media~ community, you are challenged to create at least 4 points (200w) worth of writing [options include: fanfic, original fic, poetry, explanations for graphics/mixes] AND 4 points worth of graphics/mini-mixes.

→ Want more information? Check out our rules/about page and our posting guidelines!